Dear competitors, Team is pleased to invite you to the biggest event in our calendar! This week starts the most important, domestic rally for organizers of the championship, PZM Rally Poland.

Virtual Rally Poland as their real equivalent consists of 21 specials stages which all together has length of 180 kms! Organizers realize that it will be giant challenge for drivers, but this rally should be an unforgettable experience for every participant and there will be no place for any compromises.

On that special occasion, prepared the biggest texture mod in its history. Except changing banners and small details on perfect Polish stages made by martinez, we modified default stages from base Richard Burns Rally game. After installing our mod, you will see stages with completely different colors, perfectly similar to gravels road in Mazury (region of Poland, where the rally takes place). All this effects are results of Jakub Fiolek’s hard work. Jakub joined to as graphic specialist.

What is more, Rally Poland, for the first time in history will give drivers possibility to take part in round of World Rally Championship without WRC licence! In order to start in this rally, driver only has to register using “enroll” function. We especially invite contestants from abroad. We hope that rivalry on special stages will be really international! We have a request to foreign drivers that have already started in our championships are asked to invite their friends to take part in our rally.

Now, to introduce yourself to Rally Poland’s climate, please check this links:

Itinerary of PZM Rally Poland

Registration to Rally Poland on RBR Czech

Modified textures

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