Virtual Rally Championship 2017 is waiting for you!

Finally, real Rally Monte Carlo has started. It means that in the next few days the new season of virtual rallies is about to start (precisely on January 30th). For 2017, has prepared new exceptional championship. It’s called Virtual Rally Championship and includes best 18 rallies based on real events from both WRC & ERC calendar.

What is more, our new championships will be free for everybody. We are trying to create possibly the best RBR championships (with mods, videos, beautiful photos) and it is crucial to interest drivers of all nationalities. We are hoping that free access to our main champ will encourage you to join us. So far it looks like our strategy is working, because there are over 300 drivers on Monte Carlo’s entry list!

Like we said before, during nearest months virtual drivers will have to face up with Monte Carlo’s unpredictable conditions, Sweden’s snow, bumpy Barum’s tarmac, Wales’s mud or Finland’s amazingly fast gravel tracks. This year, drivers will be able to reject one of the weakest result of the first and second half of the season. Of course, first part of the season consists of rounds 1-9, while the second one of rounds 10-18.

Cars allowed to take part in the Virtual Rally Championship are assigned to one of the four classes: VRC1 (WRC cars), VRC2 (all cars from RC2 category), VRC3 (R3 cars without S1600) and VRC4 (R2 cars).

We would like to invite you to participate in Virtual Rally Championship by!

Below you can see some important links.

WR’s website:
WR’s fanpage:
WR’s dicuss group:

VRC’s calendar:
VRC’s rules:

WR Sharing Center Gallery:

P.S. So far most topics are Polish but we can communicate by English also. Our website has also translating option.



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